Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 helps your team stay effective and engaged as they work from anywhere. Collaborate with Teams, share files with SharePoint & OneDrive, and communicate securely with Outlook & Exchange servers. Experience a modern work environment.


Licensing Microsoft 365 can be confusing (even to them at times!). There are business licenses and Enterprise licenses plus bolt-ons for each type of license. If you're not careful your can end up either over-paying for a product you're not going to use, or you under-pay and don't get the level of security or features your thought you'd bought.

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Migration to Microsoft 365

If you're looking to migrate to Microsoft 365, our Microsoft Gold partner will implement the product using the latest migration methods and best practices, both from a technical and security perspective. Additionally, we perform work for customers who already have Office 365 implemented, particularly around improving their security posture using tools such as conditional access, Defender and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. We have predefined implementation packages for existing Office 365 customers who would like to implement these additional features.

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Experience across multiple industries

  • Education

  • Local Government

  • Energy / Oil & Gas

  • Chemicals

  • Automotive

  • Information Technology

  • Finance
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