Ivanti Package Creation

At Centrally Managed, we get you up to speed with automated software packaging.

Ivanti enables you to streamline the packaging of operating systems, applications and much more. We’ll implement the tech and help eliminate reliance on third-party packaging tools.
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Software packages

Packaged software is a collection of programs that share a common function. For example, Microsoft Office, which contains unique applications all with a similar purpose. Packaging refers to the assembling of these programs before they’re distributed to clients.

Ivanti does this for you, and can even be automated, saving considerable time and effort. That is, provided you have the skills in-house to put these measures in place. That’s where we come in, to ensure you maximise operational efficiencies and benefit from the full Ivanti service.

Operating system packages

Ivanti offers users a workbench from which they can build all types of packaging - including operating systems (OS). Here, you’re able to use a powerful scripting language to edit package scripts and simplify the configuration of hardware and software.

At Centrally Managed, our experience with the Ivanti Package Creation tool means we can equip your devices with the latest OS. We can even solve technical problems such as addressing drivers or system settings ahead of deployment.

Testing and deployment

Within Ivanti there’s one single interface for packaging, testing, deploying and configuring software applications. As a result, all information is easy to understand and ready to action, reducing deployment time by 95%.

Again, that is, if you have the expertise in-house to ensure everything is running smoothly. Our team are on hand for this reason, and will identify any risks which could cause disruption at both the testing and deployment phases.
Our services

Ivanti licenses

As part of our service, we can increase the number of licenses you’re using or even upgrade 1,000s of devices with the latest Ivanti technology. Our experience with Ivanti, combined with our understanding of your set-up, makes us best placed to manage your account.

We can give you an overview of your costs and help educate your spend. As Ivanti Package Creation specialists, we’re confident our recommendations will only help drive your company forward and allocate more resources to business development.

Enable improved business performance

With our help, Ivanti’s automated software packaging can grow your business. Here’s other services we implement and oversee:
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Working alongside Ivanti enables us to package your software just as Ivanti intended. We don’t do shortcuts - only best practice. What’s more, we have direct access to Ivanti support in case your solution isn’t working as it should.

We also sell Ivanti products

We provide the expertise of Ivanti products by providing the maintenance and configuration of ivanti products and help them optimize their Ivanti solutions without heavy staff training.
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Simplify your Ivanti service

At Centrally Managed, we work tirelessly to implement and configure your Ivanti solution so that it works as it should. So speak to a member of the team and ensure your success today.

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