Enterprise Patch Management

Still using third-party apps? You’re opening yourself up to significant vulnerabilities.

Ivanti overcomes this with a security strategy in the form of Enterprise Patch Management. And at Centrally Managed, we ensure it complements your current set-up and runs as it should.
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Agent configuration

To protect yourself from sophisticated attacks, you need to be deploying patches throughout your infrastructure. And to remediate against any vulnerabilities, you need to research, evaluate, test and apply these patches wherever possible.

Sound complicated? Ivanti simplifies this by allowing you to do them automatically through policies you define yourself. Plus, we configure the policies so that you’re protected from the get-go.


If you’ve got a legacy system, patching won’t always work and could potentially break something in your environment. As a result, you need to secure the individual third-party apps that won’t be patched by the Ivanti toolkit.

This can be done through application whitelisting and firewalls - preventing any unauthorised apps from reducing desktop stability, impacting security or breaching licensing compliance.

Total device control

Patching can be done remotely to devices across your network. With Ivanti, you effectively start by searching for both online and offline workstations. From there, you can scan for missing patches and deploy them ensuring all client devices are secure.

With our help, you can patch everything from the OS to virtual machines (VMs), virtual templates, and even the ESXi hypervisor with Ivanti’s deep integration with VMware. You’ll save time and money, meaning you can focus your attention on core business initiatives.
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User service platform blocking

With Ivanti’s leading solutions, you can prevent unauthorised code execution without making IT manage extensive lists manually - and without creating obstacles that hamper user productivity.

We can go one step further and support you in managing privileges across all your clients. Thereby preventing human error and leaving users with access to all they need to fulfil their roles.

Tailored maintenance windows

A maintenance window is a slot of time designated to perform software deployment tasks. This is chosen by the technical staff and is designed to prevent key updates from interfering with core business functions.

At Centrally Managed, we can schedule maintenance windows that won’t cause you any downtime. What’s more, we’ll ensure your clients don’t suffer outages at times inconvenient to them either.
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Comprehensive security assessments

Using Ivanti’s real-time dashboard reporting, we’re able to analyse every vulnerability on your network and suggest ways to mitigate it. Whether that’s through whitelisting or deploying patches.

With our support, you can pull critical data into solutions like Splunk, Reporting Services and Crystal Reports. You’ll gradually improve your response for critical security incidents and better your understanding.

We also sell Ivanti products

We provide the expertise of Ivanti products by providing the maintenance and configuration of ivanti products and help them optimize their Ivanti solutions without heavy staff training.
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Simplify IT, boost business success

There’s much more to Ivanti than Enterprise Patch Management. Here’s some of their other services we can offer support with.
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Our experience with Ivanti has given us unique insights which we can apply directly to your business model. Our team of experts mould their talents to your processes and deliver a solution certain to drive success.

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At Centrally Managed, our team are passionate about Ivanti and have extensive access to both their services and support. So speak to a member of the team and ensure your success today.

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