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At Centrally Managed, we’re more than Ivanti Endpoint Manager specialists.

We’re dedicated to the Ivanti promise and won’t stop until you’ve experienced all of the benefits it can offer. Our team put you back in control, and enable you to do more with less.
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Endpoint Manager installation and configuration

Imagine, all client systems accessible from one platform - allowing you to save time and reinvest resources elsewhere. Ivanti Endpoint Manager allows this, by enabling a single user to manage thousands of devices remotely.

Our team live and breathe Ivanti and are best placed to help you manage all devices in a single location. We’ll work with you to get every device on board, including PCs, servers, tablets and smartphones.

Support with existing installations

Despite Ivanti Endpoint Manager harmonising your devices, it’s still prone to error if incorrectly operated. As specialists, we prevent this by troubleshooting your set-up regularly and offering feedback whenever necessary.

Our advisors recognise what modern management should look like and, as such, they’re able to recognise when Ivanti software is working correctly. Regardless of your package, they’re on hand to work tirelessly until yours or your client’s disruption has been resolved.

Cloud driven upgrades

One of the biggest perks of Endpoint Manager is how it protects you against vulnerabilities. Namely, that it automatically updates all of your devices from a centralised point, preventing any downtime while still applying the latest security measures.

Of course, this relies on your team to implement. Which is why, with our services, we help oversee upgrades concerning your entire estate. Whether you have 1,000 or 50,000 devices, we’ll maintain the same level of productivity at all times.

Keep an eye on ‘Off Network’ devices

Most businesses have had to adapt to ‘work from home’ policies. But this doesn’t mean they are working in a secure or even productive manner. Which is why, at Centrally managed, we install and configure a CSA server for all our clients.

A CSA server provides a gateway for managed computers, tablets and mobile devices back to your infrastructure. As a result, your teams can receive inventory data, offer remote control support and install/uninstall software and patches to devices off your network.
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Complete device management

With Endpoint Manager’s Device Discovery feature, we’re able to display all unmanaged devices on your network and flag them to your security team.

With less time being spent on analysing security risks, you’re able to direct your IT team to other areas of the business. This provides you with complete peace of mind that every desktop, laptop and mobile device is secure.

Optimise resources with inventory management

When you invest in software, there’s always the concern that you won’t get maximum use out of it. Not mention the fact that half of what you pay for may be underutilised.

It’s for this reason that our team of Ivanti Endpoint Manager specialists break down your package for you, and illustrate the difference each tool is making. That way you can isolate where your costs are coming from and redirect resources elsewhere.

We also sell Ivanti products

We provide the expertise of Ivanti products by providing the maintenance and configuration of ivanti products and help them optimize their Ivanti solutions without heavy staff training.
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Simplify your Ivanti service

At Centrally Managed, our team are passionate about Ivanti and have extensive access to both their services and support. So speak to a member of the team and ensure your success today.

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